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Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish Market


Our Tradition In 1964 , with Cuba in the grips of Castro’s Communist regime and their business confiscated by the government, the first of the Gracia brothers headed to Miami to start a new life. As was the case for so many other exiles during that time, day and night, the brothers fished and worked for local companies with the hope to save enough money to one day start their own seafood business in Miami.

Then in 1966, that dream became a reality when Garcia’s Brothers Seafood was established. Initially a fresh fish market, processing plant, and wholesaler, the Garcias saw their business thrive thanks to their fresh catch, hard work, and dedication. Setting their sites higher, they then started Garcia’s Seafood Market & Grille which today, 48 years later, is still proudly operated by mami and her sons.


To Your Table Since the beginning, the Garcia brothers wanted to offer the freshest seafood available. Honoring this tradition, today our fleet continues to go out every morning and catch the very best for our guests. The seafood is sourced fresh off the Florida coast and brought right back to our restaurant. Our waters are filled with a variety of offerings and as we have for the past 50 years, source our seafood responsibly.

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